We are excited to introduce a new program!

You spent a lot of money investing in your hearing aids and now you need to keep that investment working for years to come.  This program helps save you money by giving you the services you need to keep your hearing aids functioning optimally for your hearing needs as well as keeping your ears clean. You deserve this!

  1. Hearing re-evaluations
  2. Hearing aid re-programming adjustments
  3. Real Ear Measurement
  4. Quarterly cleanings of your ears and hearing aids

You need services and hate to pay every time, but you want to hear your best.

This is unique because this membership plan can be used for anyone with hearing aids, whether they are in the manufacturer’s warranty or out of warranty.  It doesn’t matter if the hearing aids were purchased in our office or somewhere else.

Our Hearing Aid Wellness Program is simple, easy, and stress-free.  Just like a gym membership, it can be paid automatically without needing to think about paying each time you go.

Imagine if you need a quick fix or adjustment and didn’t need to worry about how much it would cost.

Hearing Aid Wellness Program


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