The Hearing Aid Test Drive

There are a huge number of hearing aids on the market. They have different features, fit differently, and even amplify sound differently. While we only offer high-quality hearing aids to our patients, that doesn’t mean that every hearing aid will work well for everyone. Different hearing aids will work best for different people.

Dr. Dawn Heiman takes pride in spending time with each patient to help him understand all of the available options. Because we schedule a generous amount of time for every appointment, you are not rushed and can take all the time you need. Because of this commitment, her patients are very well-educated about their choices in hearing aids. However, it’s still hard to be certain about how a hearing aid will work for you without trying it out in various settings to see how it performs.

That’s why we offer the Hearing Aid Test Drive.



How does the Hearing Aid Test Drive work?

We believe that, before you invest in a hearing aid, you should have a chance to try it out in the real world to make sure that it will work well for you. We want you to feel confident that the hearing aid you end up with will enhance your life and provide you with the best possible hearing.

That’s why Dr. Heiman, as a leading provider of hearing aids Chicago, offers this unique hearing aid test drive. This allows you to try out the hearing aids you’re considering, to see how they function in your usual environments. Even if you’re not currently a patient of Advanced Audiology Consultants, we invite you to take part in a hearing aid test drive.

  1. Call now to reserve your hearing aids. These are the latest hearing aids on the market. There are a limited number available, so please reserve ahead of time to ensure availability.
  2. Dr. Dawn Heiman will customize the settings on the hearing aid, based on the results of your hearing tests.
  3. You can borrow and “test drive” the hearing aids for one month. This will allow you to try them in a variety of situations and in all of your usual environments.
  4. Simply return the hearing aids in 30 days and share your experience. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or ask for recommendations for a different hearing aid if this one didn’t work well for you.

(If you are interested in customized, COMPLETELY IN-THE-CANAL, hearing aids, we will need to take custom earmold impressions and order you your own custom pair.  From there, we will set your prescription for your hearing needs.)

You’ll be confident that you’ve chosen the right hearing aid for you.  If not, simply give them back!

No fees. No hidden costs. Guaranteed.