In this day in age when we all seem to have endless “to do” lists and are constantly trying to keep up with simply the junkmail pile, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves.  Take it one task at a time and one day at time.

If you, your child, or your parent has new hearing aids, the process of simply putting them in can be overwhelming.  Gradually, this process becomes automatic and a part of that person.

Listening with new hearing aids is a process.  Our brain takes in these new sounds and it can be weeks before the brain is beginning to improve its speech understanding.  Listening to someone read a story is helpful (out loud or via audio books).  Children and adults improve their listening abilities when read to on a daily basis.  This seems to be a simple task, but it does add onto the pile of things “to do”, but it is worth the time.

Read a book out loud to someone today.  You’ll give their brain a workout!

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